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by John Safin
An interesting night of bliss.

I am a Business: 6 Steps for Getting Published AND Paid

by Jeanne Lyet Gassman
Learn the steps to success from an award-winning and published author.

Psychically Single

by John Safin
Learn how ESP influences your dating life.

The Novel Publishing Process

by Jeanne Lyet Gasman
A timeline of events to getting your book published.

Time Wasting with Purpose

by John Safin
Make the best of procrastinating.

If the Wedgie Doesn't Get You, The Tight Shoes Will

by John Safin
A unique look at writing in a comfortable fashion.

The Poetry of Kay Meier
An exclusive for DynamicWriters.com from one of North America's

Most Amazing Poets.


by Terry Burns
A short story to make you think about life.

Gaining Insights into Personal Biases about Writing

by Dana Wall
Learn the secrets of revisions.

Writing with Attitude

by John Safin
Tell us about your attitude and get published on DynamicWriters.com


by Sandi Layne
A demented sex maniac does some unusual kidnapping in this psychological thriller.

Responding to Writing: Ideas to Consider for Group Sharing

by Dana Wall
Get professional advice for sharing your projects.

Writing Terms and Definitions

by Jeanne Lyet Gassman
Every profession has its own "code language."  As an author, you may want to know the jargon for the writing profession.


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