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Writer's Round Table Phoenix is a proactive, productive and dynamic workshop for writers. It was established to fill a need in Phoenix's West Valley at a time when there were very few choices for writers to mingle, grow and receive constructive help with their projects.

The object is for members to practice and share their work with the group for help, fun, to learn new ideas and improve individual writing ability in a casual, non-hostile atmosphere.

Send an email if you would like information about the Writers Round Table Phoenix.

John Safin - Founder, Writers Round Table Phoenix

John Safin, Founder

Writers Round Table Phoenix



Deep Discussion - Click to Enlarge

Deep discussion

Writers at Work - Click to Enlarge

Writers at Work

Members of the Writers Round Table Phoenix - 2003

Membership 2003

WRTP - First Booth at Arizona Book Festival

First Booth at the Arizona Book Festival

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WRTP - Prescott, AZ Book Festival - Click to enlarge

WRTP at the Prescott, AZ Book Festival


Membership 2004 - Click to enlarge

Membership 2004

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