Sonoran Mirage

An Anthology from the Writers Round Table Phoenix


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Best Book Cover Art

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Predators & Editors

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Retail Price: $9.95

259 pages, paperback

ISBN 1-5919-6489-X

A story for everyone! Modern fiction, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Humor, Poems, Inspirational stories and more can be found within the pages of this award-winning book. This is a book you, your family, and your friends will all enjoy reading.


SONORAN MIRAGE is a collection of stories, tales, and inspirational poetry and prose from one of the most active writers groups in Arizona.

Featuring the Works of

Michael Emery Robert Farrell
Jeanne Lyet Gassman Sandi Layne
Kay Meier (1933-2007) Cynthia Quiroga
John Safin Penina Keen Spinka
Dana Wall

Joshua Wheeler


Writer's Digest 12th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards

Writer's Digest


Reviews and Comments

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Reviewer: One of the Judges from Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards

Rating: Very Good

Comments: I like the variety of the stories. The different genres represented gave Sonoran Mirage a rich feel to it.


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Reviewer: Qman, Oklahoma City, OK

Rating: Excellent!

Comments: The Sonoran Mirage is like a breath of fresh air. Replete with vibrant writings of varying genres, it will tickle your brain with witty anecdotes, tug at your heart with drama, and even provoke independent thought. My favorite story in the book is Belinda, the story of a young woman and her struggles of teen pregnancy. If you are looking for a hodge-podge of various genres, this book is wonderful.


Reviewer: Anonymous

Rating: Excellent!

Comments: Thank you so much for Sonoran Mirage. It is exciting that you not only have a writing group but that you have produced a quality publication as well.

I have seen many workshop book-lets of participant writing, but none as attractive as this one.



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