Mare Kin:

The Language We Speak Instead of English

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Mare Kin: The Language We Speak Instead of English












Retail Price: $12.95


Written by Dana Wall

178 pages, paperback

ISBN 0-7392-0447-5

Mare Kin is a humorous look at the way we sound. Phonetic spellings offer laughs and insights into regional accents and customs. For example, no one says "for" unless the word is last in a sentence or pronounced by itself. It is "fir" when Mare Kins talk: "Wait fir me." And, "Whad ja pay fir that?" The book includes chapters on language learning, history, and change, amusingly told with many examples to illustrate.

Author Dana Wall has given numerous luncheon and banquet programs and is available in the Phoenix area for humorous, informative presentations about our Mare Kin accents.

Reviews and Comments


Reviewer: Arthur L. Zapel, Executive Editor, Meriwether Publishing, LTD

Rating: Excellent!

Comments: I'm sure this excellent piece of scholarship and real Americana should find grateful readers.

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