Writing with Attitude


By John Safin


Remember that phrase: Attitude is everything. I guess it would be like having your health; if you have that, you have everything. Good, bad or any attitude can work to your advantage as a writer. Really. I’m serious.  

For instance, remember the time you felt so good that you put fingers to keyboard and created an outstanding piece of literature or the most beautiful poetry in less time than it took for your computer to warm up?  Happy attitude will call for a happy writing experience. “Break from the Holidays,” a short story contributed to SONORAN MIRAGE, was the result of a very pleasant and somewhat goofy time.  

A good time to write about your hero/heroine might be when your attitude is equal to your character’s character. I find that when feeling especially bold my heroes are very striking, suave, determined, aggressive maybe even a bit James Bond-ish. 

The most lethal characters have been created after driving through rush hour traffic, standing in the longest, slowest line at the grocery store, or listening to our politician at work. Any situation that is frustrating tends to bring out the evil aggressive side of my psyche, which translates into my characters or their actions. A chapter from one of several uncompleted projects deals with a serial-style murder. People from the local writers group still comment on that particular chapter years after it was first introduced. Everyone was glad not to be around me on the day that scene was typed. 

I honestly do not know what it is like to write when feeling sad. The last time there was any real sadness in my life was the September 11th terrorist attacks made me feel sad for all the people killed and grief felt by their friends, family and loved ones. Like much of the country I was in shock about what had happened and did not write anything during that time. When undergoing cancer treatment a few years ago there wasn’t any gloom or self-pity. Believe it or not, all the events that took place over the two-month treatment period provided material for a fairly decent comedy novelette.  

The best example to offer on how attitude affects writing is the article you are reading now. In my current employment position (unfortunately, I am not yet a self-sufficient author) part of my responsibilities is to create promotional and advertising materials. Product development has fallen behind, which does not give me the raw information necessary to produce the marketing materials. This piece is a demonstration of my waiting-for-something-to-happen attitude. So instead of passing idle time hovering in pause-mode, this short article has kept the creative juices flowing and allowed my Muse to speak. 

So how does your attitude stimulate your writing?  Are you willing to share that with other people?  If so, send an email with a brief (300 words or less) review of how your writing is affected by your attitude. We’ll even publish your response on the Dynamic Writers website. 

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About the Author

John Safin has written non-fiction, fiction, humor, and political ravings plus acted as ghost and speech writer for top business leaders.

He has a background in business operations, marketing, public relations, event planning, recruiting, and training.

Originally from Upstate New York, John moved from Glendale, AZ to Carlsbad, NM, which he now calls "home."




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